Would you be shocked to learn that becoming productive is not that difficult?
It’s true.
Regardless of how productive you (or aren’t) now, I want to make it abundantly clear that you can do this. You can become more productive.
By the end of this article, you will learn five ways to become more productive starting today. You will have the knowledge. Hopefully, you will not just read this article and move on but, rather, you will IMPLEMENT what you learn. Obtaining knowledge for the sake of obtaining it is pointless. Learn AND apply these strategies to be more productive than ever.
Hack #1 – Write it down. I can’t say this any clearer: don’t trust your memory.
There have been studies conducted to figure out which things we can remember easily and remember for the long term. But none of these studies really matter when it comes to productivity because you can’t remember everything.
What do you do? As soon as you think of something you need to do, get it out of your head and either into an app (recommended) or a notebook. Someplace that won’t forget.
Notice I said “as soon as”. Put another way: immediately. Don’t wait until later. Later will come but whatever you needed to remember will probably be long gone.
I recommend an app because everyone has their smartphones with them and your apps will sync across devices and platforms. With a physical notebook, you have to remember both it and something to write with.
Hack #2 – Be intentional. Everyone on this big, blue planet has 24 hours in a day. From the richest to the poorest, from the most educated to the least educated. Every place in the world. We all get 24 hours each day.
What am I trying to say? Happen to your time instead of letting it happen to you. Be PROactive instead of REactive. Remember: YOU are at the top of the food chain, NOT time.
Chew on this: you won’t stumble into being productive. You must be intentional about how you spend your 24 hours.
HACK #3 – My C.A.R. Technique
I created the C.A.R. Technique to help you better remember (and implement!) how to be more productive.
C is for Calendars.
What gets scheduled, gets done. Again, get what you need to do out of your head and onto your calendar.
What do you schedule? Everything!
Everything? Yes! Calendars are not just for “real” appointments (whatever THAT means). I schedule time to eat, run/ride my bike, read, write emails/blog posts, sales calls, client calls and, here’s a biggie: travel time (if you have a way to instantly transport to a location, this won’t apply to you).
Master your time instead of it mastering you.
A is for Accountability Partners. Someone whom you trust that you can share your goals (daily, weekly, etc.) with who will not accept your lame excuses for why you didn’t do whatever you said you would. It takes someone who really loves you to be brutally honest with you here.
Have skin in the game. I offer an affordable Accountability Partner Program because sometimes you need someone who doesn’t love you like a friend or a member of the family to tell you the truth. And it is also motivating knowing you are paying me to hold you accountable. One of my clients says that since they hired me to be their Accountability Partner, they are more productive than ever!
Find someone to be your accountability partner.
R is for Reminders. Not everything is worthy to go on your calendar. That’s why reminders (or to-do lists) come in. Here is where you put things such as:
  • Shopping lists (tip: create a separate list for every store you frequent)
  • Gift idea lists (tip: create a separate list for the main people in your life)
  • Books/Movies you want to purchase (tip: include the link for the product so you just have to click it to make the purchase)
  • Bills! All my bills comes via email. As soon as I receive them, I create two reminders: one around 3pm the afternoon the day before that says “Pay XYZ tomorrow” and another on the morning of the due date that says, “Pay XYZ today.” I prefer to hold onto my money for as long as I can!
There you have it: 3 hacks to become productive starting today.
WARNING: don’t try to implement all of these at once. You climb Mount Everest one step at a time. You eat an elephant one bite at a time.
It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Fight this urge!
Accept that you can become more productive and that it is a process.
BAD NEWS: becoming more productive is not a “one and done” process. You can’t do these hacks for a little while and then go back to the way you were doing things. They must become part of your life.
Now go implement ONE of these strateiges and become more productive than you’ve ever been.
Mark Struczewski is the bald productivity expert. He helps entrepreneurs and individuals get back control of their time so they get more more. Find out more about him and sign up for his free email newsletter athttp://TheBaldProductivityExpert.com.