Frequently Asked Questions

What is your policy on advertising?

SmallBizConnexion.com uses advertisements and sponsors to offset operating cost. We closely monitor and only endorse products and/or services that would be of value to our readers. The purpose of endorsing products and/or services is to provide our readers with a benefit.

We will monitor ads that run on the site. Some advertisement comes from ad networks where we will not be able control which ads are shown. However we are able to remove them from the rotation. If you are aware of any ad that may conflict with the content or mission of our site, please let us so that we may exclude that particular network.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to donate to SmallBizConnexion.com, please send us an email at info@SmallBizConnexion.com. We do not allow advertising from spammy sites or unrelated products and/or services that may not add value to our readers.

Are you on Facebook?

You can follow the Small Business Connexion Facebook Page

Can I receive new articles via email?

Yes, you can have each post sent to your email inbox  on a bi-weekly basis. Your choice! Just visit our subscribe page to sign up.

Can I submit a guest post?

Yes, I welcome postings written by others. If you are interested in writing for SmallBizConnexion.com, visit our write for SBC page to see topics that we are looking for…

How can I help support Small Business Connexion?

If you are interested in supporting the Mission/Vision of SBC, please visit the support page.

Can I reprint some of SBC articles?

If you are interested in using any of the articles for your publication, please email us  info@SmallBizConnexion.com