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Guest Post Guidelines

Contributing Author Posting Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in our Small Biz Connexion Contributing Author Program!

Below are guidelines to our Contributing Author Program detailing the focus and interest of our online publication and reader’s interest.

I. Article length and Topic

  • Style:  It is recommended that the articles be written in a simple to read/understand format. The article should read like you are telling a story.
  • Topics: We accept any topic that may be of interest to the small business community. You are welcome to be creative and provide different topics than those featured on our online publication. Example of some topics may include but not limited to the following:
    • How-tos articles providing our readers with advice or tips to put into action that will help them grow and develop their businesses
    • Economy related articles
    • Personal experience on running a small business
    • Discussing practical issues the small business community faces
    • News & events affecting small businesses
  • Article Length: Post should be compact but yet very detailed. The ideal length of an article is about 400 – 750 words. Articles that are over 1,000 words are recommended to be posted in two separate submissions. 

II. Article Paragraph & Sentence Length

  • Paragraph: Paragraphs should be about 3 sentences or fewer. Shorter paragraphs are easier to read on a computer screen.
  • Sentences: Sentences should be kept short. It is highly recommended to use bullet points to make articles easy to scan through. Consider using bolded subheadings for long articles. They break up large expanses of text.

II. Images & Edits

  • Images in Posts:  You may add an image to your posts. If you do not have an image for your post we will provide one for you.
  • Edits: We will make minor edits, such as editing for grammar and spelling, revising introductions for better emphasis, and breaking up long sentences or paragraphs.  We may come back to you and suggest revising the article to better serve our readers focus.
  • Copyrights: Our Terms of Service details that once you submit your guest post, you grant Small Business Connexion the right to use the article and redistribute it in RSS feed syndication, in newsletters, in compilations, etc. — provided that we always give you credit as the author.

III. Does Small Business Connexion accept article contributions that have been, or will be, published elsewhere?

Yes, guest articles do not need to original content, and may be published elsewhere. We do require that the correct source of the article is given credit.  Contributing Authors may not take credit for articles written by others.

IV. Contributing Author byline

Each contributing author receives a byline, including a short “About the Author” bio that appears at the end of each published article.  You can also list social media profiles, for readers to connect with you. Your “About the Author” section should be informational and not a call to action.

Experts Feature:  In addition to the above, you will also be featured in the Small Biz Experts section.

V. Can I promote my book, site, service and/or product within my articles?

No.  Articles submitted under the Contributing Author Program are exclusively for the readers’ benefit. The focus is to provide readers with valuable information, advice, tips, and insights — not a sales pitch.

All self-promotional articles or those advertorial in nature will be rejected.

We Thank YOU in advance for sharing your expertise!