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How To Use Twitter To Network / Build In-Person Relationships


Twitter is not just about creating online relationships.  Check out how I used Twitter to build relationships prior to attending the National Speakers Association Conference (#NSA11) with my good friend and Generations Speaker, Karen McCullough.  On a side note, I was totally amazed that two hours after creating this video, Scott Stratton (@unmarketing) of Unmarketing, gave the exact same tip in his NSA breakout.

Social Media Speaker Crystal Washington and Generations Speaker Karen McCullough talk about how to use Twitter to network and build contacts before events. For more information, visit http://www.crystalwashington.com.





Crystal Washington

Crystal Washington is a marketing strategist, social media consultant, keynote speaker and the owner of a Houston-based marketing firm, Black-Market Exchange. Crystal teaches professionals of all knowledge levels how to leverage marketing techniques, social media and networking effectively.

Crystal’s career began in corporate sales. As the youngest manager in her company, she immediately shot to the top, closing contracts with Fortune 500 firms previously unattainable by her company, exceeding aggressive sales goals and leveraging relationships and creative strategies to gain lucrative contracts. She was heavily promoted at a very early age until she found herself managing a department, at age 24, overseeing a staff the age of her parents and grandparents.

Her boss, prior to her last promotion, was concerned that her new staff would not accept her due to her age. Previous managers had not fared well with the group. She quickly proved the fears of her Director and General Manager to be unfounded. When her manager, dumbfounded, said, “I don’t get it. How is that they will do anything that you ask them to do? I mean, they love you.” She simply stated that they valued her because she valued them. She listened to them, even if she did not always follow through with their suggestions. She developed techniques that made them more efficient and rewarded them for utilizing them. In short, she built solid relationships and leveraged technology.