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Revolutionizing the Art of E-Networking

Revolutionizing the Art of E-Networking


E-Networking2At recent events I have asked several people if they have heard of the term E-Networking and what this concept is all about. The vast majority responded that they have not heard about this term before.  A few responded by saying that it was a way of networking via major social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among others…).  While the latter response is partially correct, E-Networking expands beyond networking via social media sites.

Prior to writing this blog, I began “googling” (searching) the term on the internet (using google of course) to understand the true meaning of the term E-Networking. Many of the results made reference to electronic mail (e-mail) as the most common way to e-network while other searches defined it as a way of “connecting and networking with individuals using various online communication tools …”.  Many of these searches made reference to e-networking as a way to find a job or expand your career horizon but very few searches connected the term e-networking to Business-to-Business (B2B) Networking.

What is the true meaning of E-Networking?

As mentioned above, e-networking (short for electronic networking) is a term that was created a couple of years ago when the internet was at its infancy and the most popular way of communication was via electronic mail (e-mail).  With the increase use of social media and social networking sites, e-networking has expanded to include such sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, Twitter, among others.

In simple terms, E-Networking is the process of converting traditional networking (face-to-face) techniques and using different online communication tools to connect with liked-minded individuals.

Revolutionizing the Art of E-Networking

With social networking, video conferencing, online live stream, and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology we can revolutionize how we e-network using these online tools. To take E-Networking to the next level, Small Business Connexion (SBC) is preparing to bring our traditional face-to-face networking educational events online; to the comfort of your home and/or office computer, smart phone, and/or tablet.

Starting next month, SBC will launch a monthly SBC E-Networking event that will allow up to 500 people to connect with each other via web cam, live chat, and VOIP.  Similar to our traditional networking events, participants will have the opportunity to listen, view and interact with all participants including our monthly guest speakers that will provide a 30-minute educational mini-seminar.  In addition, SBC will record all E-Networking events and archive them in the members online Library for future reference.

To receive details of our upcoming Inaugural SBC E-Networking event send us an email at info@SamllBizConnexion.com



Pablo Valle

Pablo F. Valle is a Program Manager in the Planning, Engineering, and Construction Department at The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County. He manages diverse transportation engineering projects ranging from between $500,000 to $25 million in various engineering areas for the Houston metropolitan region.

Pablo is also an entrepreneur at heart. He is the Founder and President of Small Business Connexion, a Professional Business Organization helping businesses Learn, Grow, and Connect. Pablo also founded a local Houston Professional Business Network (the Latino Professional Business Network) that began with fifteen people and grew to over 4,200 members in less than three years. He has served in numerous leadership roles including; Treasurer and President of the American Society of Civil Engineers – Student Chapter, Board Member of the Chamber of Latino Entrepreneurs, President, Membership Co-Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Texas Institute of Transportation Engineers Houston District. Among his peers, Pablo is known as the “Godfather of Networking”.

Pablo received his Bachelor of Engineering from the City College of New York and his Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from The City University of New York – Graduate Center. He is the recipient of numerous awards including; The Minority Research Careers for Minority Scholar, the Hispanic Serving Institute Scholarship, and the City College of New York President’s award for outstanding leadership.

Pablo is married to his High School sweetheart Tanya N. Valle and together they have three boys; Justin Paul, Jeremy Timothy, and Jayden Christian Valle.